Log in with the login and password provided by Jewelarc

To view and select JAI product follow these steps:

In the CATALOGUE screen:

Choose the product range you would like to select from:

Click some or all of the following drop down options:

    • Collection
    • Categories (Ring, Pendant etc)
    • Metal
    • Stone Type
    • Stone Shape
    • Keyword (Solitaire, Baby/Children etc)
    • Item Number (specific JAI item number)

If you don’t make a specific selection, you will see all products within that category.

SEARCH will bring up all options that meet your criteria

Select the individual items you want to quote/order:

    • Click on each small box to select multiple items
    • Then choose Add to Select to add multiple items to your basket
    • Alternatively you can add items individually by using the Basket button on each item
    • Click on More to see a larger image and detailed specifications of a particular item. You can also select an item from this screen to add to your Basket.

Adjusting Items in the Basket

You can make notes on individual items, adjust quantities or finger sizes etc within the Basket screen

Print or Send Basket Contents for Quoting

Once you have finished working with the items in your basket, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to:

    • Click to Print. This will allow you to send a copy of the basket to your printer
    • Request Quotation. This will automatically send a copy of your basket to JAI to prepare a quote based on your selection. (It should also send a copy of your request to your email.)

Note that once you have clicked the button to send the basket to JAI, your basket will be empty. If you want to look at this selection again, use the Estimates tab at the top of the screen.

In the ESTIMATES screen:

You can review the selections (Estimates) that you have previously requested and place orders from this tab.

The action icons:

    • will show you the selection you made for that Estimate. You can reprint your estimate from here. You can also re-send the Estimate to JAI for an updated quote.
    • will cancel this Estimate entirely
    • will add these items back into your basket and you can access all the functions previously mentioned in the basket for re-quoting
    • will create an order that you can send to your print or automatically send to JAI to be updated into an Order Confirmation for approval

In the Pre-ORDER screen:

You can review the Pre-Orders you have placed through eCat.

    • will bring up your Pre-order and allow you to send to your printer
    • will cancel your order