While the concept behind Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold originated many years before, the SMO initiative was formally established in 2018 by its two UK-based joint venture partners, Hummingbird Resources and the Betts Group.

Betts has a long established history in the UK, being founded as a family-run refining business in Birmingham in 1760.  Hummingbird Resources is a gold exploration business which also has its roots in the Betts family and was itself established in 2005.

The concept is a simple one – to be able to show and prove the origin and source of mined gold, and products made from that gold.  This has traditionally been impossible to achieve as different mines deal with various refiners, with the pure gold from different sources then making its way around the world in a mixed form.

The concept doesn’t end there, as SMO only deals with selected mines who agree to strict guidelines and policies in relation to their workforce, the community in which they operate, their environmental practices and their corporate governance, and who also agree to be independently audited to world standards for adherence to these requirements.  Mines must also publish their achievements or make details available for the public domain.

By its very nature, Single Mine Origin metal is thus kept segregated from any other material throughout its full supply chain from minesite to processor, to refiner, to manufacturer and to retailer.

When purchasing SMO gold or products manufactured from SMO gold, you will be provided with a QR code which will link back to details on the originating mine.  Their specific achievements and contributions will also be shown so that you can be sure the mine is meeting its SMO obligations.

Here at Jewelarc, we now exclusively use SMO gold in the manufacture of all our gold products, and have partnered with SMO-UK as an SMO supplier in Thailand.  Using and dealing in SMO gold is directly relevant to and consistent with Jewelarc’s Code of Conduct and our Environmental Statement as we make our contribution towards the world being able to meet the relevant UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


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